Tuesday, October 12, 2021

The Push

By Ashley Audrain

Adult Fiction

Reviewed by Deb from the SCRL Office

    Blythe struggles with feelings of inadequacy as she fails to live up to the perfect ideal of motherhood.   Her Mother told her "Women in our family are different" and she so much wanted to change the pattern. Blythe, like so many women, seeks support and guidance and ends up questioning her own sanity.  How much of ourselves do we owe our children?

    The Push is a psychological drama about women and their experience of motherhood.  "You will be such a good mother" can be intimidating and a lot to live up to. The novel looks at what it is to have a child you don't feel that instant connection with.  It deserves the high praise it's received, it is shocking, provocative and well written.  This is so fast paced you will read it in one sitting!

Highly recommended.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2021


Thanksgiving is just around the corner and our branches have a wide selection of books just waiting to be checked out.  If you don't find what you are looking for on this list or if you are looking for more options, go to our online catalogue and search either ``Thanksgiving`` or ``gratitude`` for more selections.

Thanksgiving Rules  

Young Percy Isaac Gifford provides a list of ten rules for getting the most out of Thanksgiving Day, especially how best to enjoy the buffet.

Thanksgiving Thief

When food for Thanksgiving starts disappearing from homes in River Heights, Nancy, Bess, and George investigate.

A collection of twenty craft projects, from a kitchen magnet made out of corn kernels to a pumpkin centerpiece for the Thanksgiving meal 

Rhymes invite the reader to find hidden objects in photographs of Thanksgiving themes.

After a devastating tornado ripped through High Plains, a two-year-old was found wandering all alone. Foster mother Nicki Appleton took in the little girl, her heart bursting with love and prayers. Now the storm's aftermath has brought home the man Nicki once expected to marry, and Clay Logan claims to be a changed cowboy. But with her energy focused on a child she may not be able to keep, is there room for another kind of love in Nicki's heart this Thanksgiving?

It's another Thanksgiving at Grandma's. Gavin expects a long day of boredom and being pestered by distantly related toddlers, but his cousin Rhonda has a different idea: make a break for it - out of the kids' room to the swing set in the backyard! Gavin isn't so sure, especially when they encounter vicious guard dogs (in homemade sweaters), a hallway full of overly affectionate aunts, and worse yet, the great wall of butts! Will they manage to avoid the obstacles and find some fun before turkey time? Or will they be captured before they've had a taste of freedom?

Writing a Thanksgiving play for the third grade class she coaches, Claudia is disappointed when some parents object to her less-than-traditional themes, and she must choose between letting the other kids down or fighting censorship.

As they gather to celebrate Thanksgiving Day, members of an extended family take turns describing, in rhyme, the things that make them feel grateful.

In The Gift of Thanks, Visser turns her keen eye and far-ranging scholarship to the act of gratitude, embodied in the deceptively simple phrase “thank you.” Those two words become a springboard for a fascinating inquiry into all aspects of gratitude, from how and why children are taught to give thanks, to the difference between speaking the words and feeling them. She examines the ways in which being grateful is understood in different cultures and how acts of reciprocation or rejection are treated in folklore, mythology and fiction. Thankfulness, when properly understood, is a choice and a source of happiness that can be cultivated.

Easy-to-read text encourages the reader to find something every day for which to be thankful, from underwear that is just the right size to birthday cakes and the wishes they bring.

It's almost Thanksgiving, and Mrs. Connor asks the class to think about what they are thankful for. Reza and his mama make a list together. He can't wait to talk to his class about his family, his dog, his bike, and so much more! But then at school, everyone takes turns saying what they're thankful for, and the other kids say the same things Reza wanted to say! Can Reza think of something else he's thankful for before it's his turn to speak?

A photo essay celebrates life as it demonstrates the many things in the world for which people have to be thankful. 

Grateful is partially an individual, emotional response to our circumstances, but research has shown that what we often miss is how much more it is a communal, actionable response. Bass examines this more unexpected experience of gratitude, and reveals how people and communities can practice it and thrive, whether or not they are part of a traditional religious community.

Sure to warm the hearts of families the world over, this cozy and familiar prayer is perfect for the Thanksgiving table or just before bed, and is irresistibly illustrated by Caroline Jayne Church.

At Thanksgiving time, children express their gratitude for the people and things in their lives. Everyone knows that Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks--the question is, where to begin? From the turkey on the table to warm, cozy cuddles, life is full of small things and bigger pleasures. But what is most important is being able to share them with family!

Gobble! Gobble! It’s Thanksgiving under the sea, and Mr. Fish has much to be grateful for. Toddlers will love swimming along with the pout-pout fish as he turns little pouts into big smiles in this original board book.

Discusses the history of Thanksgiving and how it is celebrated across Canada

When Amelia Bedelia volunteers to fill in as director of a third-grade Thanksgiving play, she misunderstands everything from one girl's desire to play a big role to an opening night wish that she "break a leg," but all is well in the end.

It's a time for giving thanks when the Magic Tree House whisks Jack and Annie back to 1621 on the first Thanksgiving Day. The Pilgrims ask them to help get things ready. But whether it's cooking or clamming, Jack and Annie don't know how to do anything the Pilgrim way. Will they ruin the holiday forever? Or will the feast go on?

Adam is a former musician and recovering alcoholic who is home for Thanksgiving for the first time in many years. Surrounded by his parents and siblings, nieces and nephews--all who have seen him at his worst--he can't shake the feeling that no matter how hard he tries, he'll always be the one who can't get it right. Marissa is a flight attendant whose marriage is strained by simmering tensions over race, class, and ambition. Heading to her in-laws for their picture-perfect holiday family dinner, her anxiety is intensified by the knowledge she is pregnant from an impulsive one-night-stand. In an airport restaurant on Thanksgiving morning, Adam and Marissa meet. Over the course of this day fraught with emotion and expectation, these two strangers will form an unlikely bond as they reckon with their family ties, their pasts, and the choices that will determine their way forward.

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The Push

By Ash ley Audrain Adult Fiction Reviewed by Deb from the SCRL Office      Blythe struggles with feelings of inadequacy as she fails to live...